How do I SELL Qoin on the BTX exchange?

  • Download the Qoin Wallet App from the App stores.
  • Register yourself in the Qoin Wallet.
  • Click on the EXCHANGE button on the BROWSER/HOME tab.
  • Sign in with your Qoin username and password.
  • Accept the BTX Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Once you have registered with BTX (Steps 1-5 as per above),
    Complete the KYC component, follow the bank deposit instructions and confirm your wallet address. Please ensure that your details exactly match the details on your driver’s licence.
  • If you have not completed the deposit instructions,
    Click on Profile/My Account, then Account Information. Here you will see your unique BTX bank details as below.
    • Each customer is allocated a unique BTX bank account.
      Bank Account number

    • To activate your account please transfer $0.01 from your personal bank account to your unique BTX ‘Account Information’.
    • When BTX receives the deposit of $0.01 and confirms the bank account is in your personal name, your account will be activated. The personal name of the bank account must match the KYC details you initially verified.
  • You will receive two (2) emails, one advising that your KYC was successful and another advising your bank verification was successful.
    Please allow 3-5 business days for your BTX account to be fully verified.
  • Once you are verified, you may select the SELL button on the BTX homepage.
  • The ‘Block Sale Batch’ loading screen will be displayed to advise the next ‘batch’ is loading.
  • The countdown screen will then be shown as the system begins to allocate ‘blocks’.
    • A certain number of blocks are made available in each ‘batch’ depending on buyer demand. Blocks will be allocated based on your position in the queue.
  • If at any point during this process you are not successful, you will receive a message advising your block sale attempt could not be matched with buyer demand. As there are only a certain number of blocks available in each batch, it is possible you may not be successful in being allocated a sell block for that particular batch.
    • Block sale batches are frequently released throughout the trading day, so you will be able to try again when the next batch is released.
  • After the countdown screen, you will progress to the next step where you select which size block you wish to sell.
    • The SELL block sizes will range and depend on buyer demand each day. Blocks will include an OTC option.
  • On the ‘Confirm Order’ page, you will see the order summary.
    • Where it says, ‘Select your bank account’, you must, Touch/Press/Tap on the correct bank account, even if there is only one, to confirm that is the account that you will receive funds into.
    • Then you will be able to click ‘Confirm Sell Order’.
  • A message will appear asking you to approve/confirm the transfer of Qoin from your Qoin Wallet via the Blockchain, to BTX.
  • The transaction details will appear and again ask you to send/confirm. You will then see ‘Transaction successful’ and should press copy to clipboard/confirm.
    • You will receive an email confirmation with an order number for your reference.
  • On verification of your SELL transaction, BTX will transfer the funds into the verified bank account within 3 business days, after the day you place the order.