CAUTION: You must be aware that cryptocurrencies are high risk purchases and can be volatile.
You should not purchase or trade cryptocurrencies if you cannot afford to lose your funds.

Current AUD Qoin Prices

$7.25 $6.55 $6.90 $0 $2.72B 394M 10B

Prior to buying or selling Qoin on BTX, you should consider the following:
• The historical price of Qoin does not represent any form of projection as to the future price of Qoin. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
• Daily limits apply based on the supply and demand of buyers and sellers. Please refer to the Fact Sheet and Terms of Use for further information prior to trading in Qoin.
• Qoin is not a security and does not promise any equity ownership or returns including interest or dividends.
• The Average price is the midpoint between the Buy price and the Sell price
• Qoin Market Capitalization is the Circulating Supply multiplied by the Qoin Average Price

Daily limits apply based on the supply and demand of buyers and sellers. The current sell limit is $125 per day per person, subject to buyer demand. Please refer to the Fact Sheet and Terms of Use for further information prior to trading in Qoin.

The BTX Difference

Here at BTX we like to think that we have created a 'human' exchange that is secure, simple to understand AND simple to use for the everyday person. Whether you are a first timer or a veteran trader diversifying their portfolio with a progressive digital asset, BTX is the perfect gateway to starting your Qoin trading journey.

BTX has access to an entry point through the Qoin Wallet App that will enable buyers and sellers to trade in ‘Blocks’. The ‘Qoin Block’ is an innovative blockchain initiative that groups a series of Qoins together into different Block sizes. BTX may offer an OTC (over the counter) service between 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Friday to facilitate large trades exceeding $50,000.

BTX is a DCE (Digital Currency Exchange) provider registered with AUSTRAC, under number 100635628.

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The Qoin Difference

Why did BTX choose to list Qoin? First things first. We are proud to be the first exchange for Qoin, the progressive Digital Currency. Qoin is offered by BPS Financial Limited (BPS). BPS and BTX are related body corporates because the same company (Blockchain Investment Group Pty Ltd) is the sole shareholder for both BTX and BPS.

Qoin is 'a little different' compared to traditional digital assets. Qoin commenced early 2020 as a utility coin and began building an ecosystem of merchants who were looking for additional customers and willing to accept an alternate payment method to cash. The Qoin team’s goal was to build this ecosystem of merchants and then invite consumers to join. To achieve this, they removed all barrier's to entry for both merchants and consumers, with zero transaction fees for everyday transactions. And as they say…. The rest is history or in this case, the future.

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