Digital Assets - No Longer Sitting on the Fringe of Finance

On Wednesday, the value of digital currencies hit a total market value record high of $1 trillion.  In latest news from Coindesk, Nate Maddrey, Research Analyst at Coin Metrics, stated “Crypto is in a unique position to be the most important asset class of the 21st century and still has a lot of room to grow.” 

Whilst there is some conjecture about how long certain currencies will continue to show dramatic increases in value,  there is broad consensus that digital currencies are now being viewed as an investable asset class. 

Unlike other digital assets, Qoin, launched in Australia in 2020, is backed by  a growing community of merchants.

In its inaugural year more than 20,000 merchants have been added to the Qoin ecosystem and are trading in Qoin across Australia and now New Zealand. This added to the growing number of consumers now joining the Qoin community to see the total number of Qoin wallets in circulation at over 40,000.

Being built on community engagement rather than speculation has resulted in a more stable growth pattern for the Qoin value.  The more merchants that join the Qoin ecosystem, increases the capacity of the currency to be utilised and enables the value of Qoin to increase. Whilst this model is new and innovative within the traditional Crypto  space, there was a growing need and opportunity for an ‘everyday’, usable Digital Currency. Qoin is fulfilling that need.

The merchant growth continues daily across Australia and New Zealand, largely driven by a team of over 400 covering merchant acquisition, marketing, customer service and development. 

Steady Growth

The Qoin value has experienced uninterrupted month on month growth over the first 12 months. Although past performance is no guarantee for future performance, the Qoin team intends growing the community globally and has an aspirational road map for 2021 and beyond. This growth to date has seen the Qoin currency value surpass AU$5.00 in January this year.

Qoin – a utility digital currency backed by goods and services 

  • Launched in Australia and New Zealand in 2020
  • Built on JP Morgan/Microsoft Quorum Blockchain 
  • Supports SMEs in providing new competitive advantages and attracting new customers
  • Backed by merchants and invested consumers for everyday payments
  • Over 20,000 merchants signed up and validated in the first 12 months and growing daily
  • World-wide potential with borderless transactions
  • Actively transacting across varied industries
  • Automated KYC (Know Your Customer) built into the Qoin Wallet
  • Listed and trading on Block Trade Exchange Limited
  • Regulatory approvals and advice received for the UK, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa with further approvals  underway for the EU, Canada, Japan, South Korea and the USA.

Let’s talk about your future opportunities…

If you knew ahead of time digital assets were going to grow exponentially, would you have purchased?

Qoin is a young 12 month old currency already accepted throughout Australia and New Zealand with a global potential. The key value driver is the growth of the merchant ecosystem which is in its infancy. Rarely does an Australian homegrown asset with a global opportunity present itself with such a potential upside.

Qoin is now available on Block Trade Exchange Limited  (BTX) - secure your Qoin today

Qoin RETAIL positions up to $10,000 can be acquired through the official Qoin Wallet or BTX.

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