Important Update

In preparation for our global rollout and due to regulatory and banking requirements BTX will only be conducting trades in the USDC cryptocurrency from Wednesday, 25 January 2023. 

BTX will no longer be transacting automated block sales in fiat currency. All transactions on the BTX platform will now be facilitated via the Over the Counter (OTC) trading desk.

IMPORTANT: BTX is an exchange platform that provides users the ability to buy or sell Qoin based on buyer/seller demand. i.e. There must be a willing buyer in order for a seller to sell their Qoin. Currently, the demand for selling Qoin is extremely high compared to the demand for buying.

Should you wish to place a Buy or Sell order with the OTC trading desk, please click on the Buy or Sell buttons below.

IMPORTANT: Block Trade Exchange Pty Ltd strongly recommends you consult with a professional to gain independent advice, relevant to your situation and needs before you make the decision to BUY or SELL QOIN. It is important you understand how this may impact you and/or your business as BUYING or SELLING QOIN may create a tax event. Block Trade Exchange Pty Ltd is not providing any financial or tax advice. You must engage with an independent taxation professional regarding your taxation position. 

CAUTION: You must be aware that cryptocurrencies are high-risk purchases and can be volatile. You should not purchase or trade cryptocurrencies if you cannot afford to lose your funds. 

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