The BTX Difference

Let’s start with where the BTX exchange is located. We provided an entry point through the Qoin wallet making access to BTX simple and easy for all Qoin Wallet holders.

Our second point of difference is how you can BUY and SELL Qoin.
As the official exchange of the Qoin Digital Currency, we have created the ability for buyers and sellers to trade in BLOCKS. This process see’s Qoins being grouped together into different block sizes. We also offer an OTC desk where larger trades of Qoin will be facilitated.

The BTX pricing will be market driven. As a simple explanation, the number of people wishing to BUY Qoin will influence the MARKET PRICE and the number of people who want to SELL will influence the SUPPLY of QOIN. As an example, if there are more people who want to BUY Qoin than there are who want to SELL it, the price will rise (and vice versa), therefore both factors are what drives the market.

There will be a daily BUY and SELL price that we will publish on the website, as well as on the exchange inside the Qoin Wallet App. As above, this will be based on the demand of the buyers and the supply of sellers.

Finally, for those who are looking to SELL a BLOCK, there are no direct fees charged by BTX. As there is a daily BUY and SELL price set, BTX covers its costs by the margin between the BUY and SELL price.

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and Selling

with BTX